Willem Van Hecke - Contemporary | MDZ Art Gallery Knokke Belgium

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Willem Van Hecke


Selfmade artist willem Van hecke is born in 1893. As young boy he always dreams to become a painter, but he is nearly 30 when he accepts the path he has chosen.

In the 20ties his art is mostly influenced by the Latemse School, Permeke, Vande Woestijne… but more and more he develops his own expressive style.

In the 40ties his landscapes make room for the individual and person in his works. The figure gets increasingly naive and rudimentaire. The lines get more important and the colour gets on the background.

The Van Hecke Style is born. He will continue his career untill his death in 1976.

HE is defenitly one of the many Belgian underestameted artists of post-war era.