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Specialised in post-war and contemporary art

BRAFA nieuwe data

new data for the 2022 edition!!

HAMADA TORU: 18/9-18/10

HAMADA TORU will show works of the last 20 years. colourfull, but also monochrome SLOW-paintings and sculptures that ...

Michael De Zutter

It’s my father's virus that’s running through my veins.

My mother introduced “art” in general in our family, but it was my father's passion for modern and contemporary art that I, Michael De Zutter, got hooked for it too. Nobody who knew me was surprised that when I got my law degree, I didn’t go into Law but into Art, and so making my job of my longtime passion. So in 2003, after a few years working in another gallery, I opened my own Gallery: the MDZ ART GALLERY. Growing up in a home filled with post-war art, but especially CoBrA art, I started showing what I already knew. Not only, but mainly showing CoBrA works, I got labeled as the CoBrA-gallery. This went so far that I was invited to accompany and enlighten the Queen and her daughter in law to the CoBra-show held in BOZAR in Brussels in 2008

But CoBrA wasn’t the only group/period I was interested in. I did already show works of Christo, Combas, Wesselmann and other artist in solo and group shows and got since 2006 more and more interested in the ZERO-group with a passion for Leblanc. In 2012 I redesigned my gallery and logo to got definitely get rid of the CoBrA-image (not that I wasn’t interested anymore, but I wanted to show that I was more than “only” CoBrA) and presented my first ZERO show. From 2013 I started following more contemporary artists like Tony Cragg, Günther Förg, Imi Knoebel, Peter Halley … so the gallery evolved into what it is today. A gallery that is specialized in post-war international art. Presenting CoBra (as member of the Guillaume Corneille foundation and appointed as one of the 3 international experts of Corneille), Zero (always working close with the Walter and Nicole Leblanc foundation and having a good relationship with the family of Jan Schoonhoven, representing the artist Heinz Mack for the BeNeLux), presenting post-war international artist like Arman, Biasi, Christo (did already several solo shows with his work), Dubuffet, Isgro ea and contemporary international artist like Combas, Cragg, Delvoye, Förg, Knoebel , Vandenberg ea the gallery is today a major player in the international gallery landscape.

As the gallery is in a never ending search for great artists and even greater art, the followers of the gallery can be part of an exciting voyage.

The gallery principal way of working is in consignation. This means that most works are not owned by the gallery but are from private people or institutions who want to sell. The MDZ ART GALLERY takes its commission on the sale.

As specialized in Post-War and contemporary art we come in many superb collections and can present a wide range of international artists.